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f72r2 Zodiac and Gemini page – Darren Worley & Marco Ponzi

at.This paper was written by Darren Worley and Marco Ponzi. Many thanks to them again for their interesting work.

This short paper follows-up on our earlier jointly-written post that described examples of the Sagittarius Crossbowman (cf. the example in the Voynich manuscript; f72v2). In this paper we review various 15th-century examples of the Zodiac sign of Gemini that are depicted as clothed, clutching or embracing male-and-female figures (cf. the Voynich manuscript, f72r2).
Below is a image showing VM f72r2 in full, together with the VM Gemini twins in detail.

We begin by reviewing the iconographic history of the Gemini sign –
Greek and Roman sources describe Gemini as a couple of Embracing males:

* Hyginus, …

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