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Links with Syriac script?

This post takes up some discussion from Derek Vogt on other pages. I reproduce his discussion here with a table he has supplied:
Derek says: “I coincidentally came across this after having recently spent a lot of time looking at various known alphabets and how they had evolved, so I might have been predisposed to look at it the way I am 카운트다운 효과음 다운로드. I started comparing the whole Voynich alphabet, complete with the Bax phonetic interpretations, with other whole alphabets, with the idea that it could have been developed from another one instead of invented independently Download the beginning of Dracula Legends. If a known alphabet could be identified …

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Voynich sign ‘M’

The new website is a wonderful tool for seeing patterns of signs and words in Voynich text 오르막길 다운로드.  Who made it? It seems anonymous, but someone should get credit for a useful piece of work….
One thing it allows us to do is to see patterns  which would otherwise be invisible windows 7 disk images. For example:
The sign transcribed as ‘M’
Take the example of the letter transcribed in EVA as ‘M’ English book.  If you look at this sign in the tool you get this view of its distribution across the whole manuscript:
This reveals some clear and interesting patterns 포비든 그라운드 다운로드. The first is that this sign does seem …

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My 2012 Voynich paper

Here below is a link to my 2012 paper. Please note that I now see several things wrong with that paper, so it is posted here for historical interest only 4k 60fps 샘플.
You can see some updates on my thinking in my Feb 2014 paper, and also in other postings such as this one, which repeats part of the 2012 paper but updates and corrects some of the ideas 나혼자만 레벨업 텍스트 다운로드.
But in any case, here is the 2012 paper in case you are interested, mistakes and all:
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