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T-O maps

There has been a  lot of interest recently in T-O maps on this site, so let me post some larger images here for people to discuss. I’ll number them for reference:
1 Ghost Bride. Marco Ponzi’s interesting comparison diagram:

2 우분투 jdk 다운로드. An interesting illustration from Mu’aiyid al-Din al-Tughra’i. Masabih al-Hikma wa Mafatih al-Rahma (The Lanterns of Wisdom and the Keys of Mercy) ssma.
This shows a set of scales to weigh the elements – on the right we have Fire and Water written below the circle, and on the left we have Air and Earth Download Avira Hangul. To be precise, the lower half of the first circle (left) has ‘alturab’ (earth) …

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Voynich phonetics – Derek Vogt

Derek Vogt has kindly provided an update of his scheme, so the one on this page is now outdated.
Please see his revised and updated June 2015 scheme here and add any comments or suggestions onto that page multiplication feed.
Here I am posting the Voynichese phonetic system which Derek Vogt has been working on, drawing on approaches used in my earlier paper which attempted to sketch out a few sound-symbol relationships in the Voynich script Download the contour map. Derek has been drawing on a few other resources:
For plant identifications from their pictures by other people:
And for names of the plants identified there & translations of some of the words in their names:
http://www.plantnames.unimelb c# …

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f67r1 – discussion of winds from Marco Ponzi

The following discussion about Voynich f67r1 is offered by Marco Ponzi 외국 파일 다운로드. I have put it here in a separate post to facilitate discussion and comment – SB [The image below has been updated by Marco 6/12/2014]
By Marco Ponzi
“I have made some further research about wind diagrams and the page discussed by Pelling and Zandbergen, f67r1:
The proposed analysis makes extensive use of a diagram from a XII Century Latin “compendium” based on Bede, recently linked by Stephen (Walters Ms Popular in the 2000s and downloads. W.73 f1v);
The Compendium diagram presents twelve winds, giving for each of them one or two names shoutcast 다운로드.
7 of the 12 sections of …

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