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Voynich star names analysed (2)

In a previous post I proposed a set of 64 star labels in the Voynich manuscript which seem most probably to represent the names of actual stars (or planets or asterisms). These are essentially only those on three pages of the manuscript, known as f68r1, r2 and r3. I excluded  from consideration many more star …

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This website, future websites

Owing to massive worldwide interest in the Voynich manuscript (VM), and visits to this site, I am thinking of setting up a new and more comprehensive website devoted solely to the VM, and moving this blog and discussion pages onto it. That would also leave this website for my other research. But I thought I would get …

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14th century Occitan Provencal manuscript

I’m sure I’m not the first Voynich fanatic to notice it, but I’ve come across a fascinating manuscript in the British Library which I thought I’d share. It is written in Occitan, a language of southern France, from the 14th century, and has a number of images which remind me of parts of the Voynich, including the illustration on …

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f68r3 Pleiades page star names

f68r2 Star names

I’ll add discussion and my proposed list soon.

Month names in the Voynich zodiac pages

A well-known oddity about the Voynich manuscript (among so many others) is the set of month names in the centre of the zodiac pages which were obviously added after the main manuscript was completed. Here is the one on the Pisces page, which seems to say ‘mars’, meaning March.
Elmar Vogt [correction: the part on zodiac names …

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