Voynich stars and cosmology

This section is devoted to the astrology/astronomy/ cosmological pages of the Voynich manuscript, to take up suggestions from Marco Ponzi on these pages 길모어걸스 다운로드.

See this discussion of the star names in the manuscript 축복송 다운로드.


Index to star/cosmology pages in this section. Click to go to each page:

f57v – the ‘alphabet page’




f68r – Pleiades page



1 Download Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. See a  page devoted to Voynich f68r (Pleiades page), including some of Marco Ponzi’s suggestions Apache html.

68r compared

2 테란 음악 다운로드. Also here below is Marco’s interesting discussion of another manuscript, compared to the Voynich manuscript:

“For instance, this “Medical and astronomical miscellany” (Germany, ca Force Dreamron. 1446),

Diagram f9v (eclipsis) / Voynich f67r2
Diagram f1v (the four cardinal points) / Voynich f67v2 / f57v

f12r and the following pages present illustrations of the signs of the zodiac (Voynich f70v2 and following pages)”


3 구구단표 다운로드. See also a discussion of f85r2, also with ideas from Marco Ponzi.



4 Nba 2k20. See also a page devoted to f67r.








Thanks – if you know of any more similar manuscripts,  feel free to add a comment and I will add them it to Korea Showpro.








  1. Deciphering the Voynich Manuscript | Classical Astrologer Weblog

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