Voynich phonetics – Derek Vogt

Derek Vogt has kindly provided an update of his scheme, so the one on this page is now outdated.

Please see his revised and updated June 2015 scheme here and add any comments or suggestions onto that page multiplication feed.


Here I am posting the Voynichese phonetic system which Derek Vogt has been working on, drawing on approaches used in my earlier paper which attempted to sketch out a few sound-symbol relationships in the Voynich script Download the contour map. Derek has been drawing on a few other resources:

For plant identifications from their pictures by other people:
http://ellievelinska.blogspot cudnn.co.uk/2013/07/the-voynich-manuscript-plant-id-list.html

And for names of the plants identified there & translations of some of the words in their names:
http://www.plantnames.unimelb c# server file download.edu.au/Sorting/List_bot.html#sec.02

Any comments or suggestions welcome Golden Worm remote control server.



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