Voynich plant names

This is an interactive section, so that you can help to identify and name Voynich plants.

The aim is to offer a forum for anyone to make suggestions about the identification of Voynich plants and also of possible names for those plants in the Voynich text 철권3 다운로드.

I recommend you look at the very detailed and professional discussion of Voynich plants contributed by an anonymous Finnish biologist Latest 2018 November download.

You could then look at his many specific discussions of individual Voynich plants, which you can search in detail Shift 5.

As I go I link the pages here below so you can find them easily.

Click below to discuss a Voynich pagePossible plant nameLink to full manuscript
Voynich plant 1vAtropa?Click here
Voynich plant 2vNymphaea? Water lilyClick here
Voynich plant 4rFlax?Click here
Voynich plant 4v?Click here
Voynich plant 5rParis quadrifoliaClick here
Voynich plant 5vMalva or Althaea officinalisClick here
Voynich plant 6rPapaverum?Click here
Voynich plantf6vRicinus communis, the Castor Oil plant?Click here
Voynich plant f7r?Click here
Voynich plant 33rPapaverum?Click here
Voynich plant on 100rBroccoli?Full image



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