TED-ED video about the Voynich manuscript

I’m pleased to say that there is a new educational video about the Voynich manuscript which I was invited to script, published by the prestigious TED-ED group:

It was published only yesterday and already has 382,753 views, which is gratifying Unreal Studio. (My nephew told me that it is number 8 in the list of Trending YouTube videos worldwide, but you can tell the level of competition in that race by the fact that it is being beaten by ‘I got stung by bees 3000 times’ and ‘How to cut and color your own hair’!)

I was asked to script it some months ago, and the process of working with the TED-ED editors and animators was an inspiring one Ubuntu Tomcat. It might not be a perfect representation of the manuscript and people’s research on it, but that is partly because we were given tight time limits and editorial guidelines 한국에서 구글어스 다운로드. However, any errors or omissions are of course my own responsibility.

One thing I was not able to do was to name names of current scholars such as René Zandbergen,, whose work has been one of the (few) real contributions to our understanding of the manuscript in the last 100 years 포토샵cs3 다운로드. However, in the full lesson itself, I was able to mention his work and refer people to his and other websites. See the full lesson here:



I hope you like it Melon top100 for week 3 of June.


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