The Voynich: lost language theory

One possible explanation of the Voynich manuscript’s mysterious script and underlying language – a view which I find plausible – is that the script was devised for a particular community, possibly to write down an already existing language, and then that script was lost to us, with the exception of the Voynich manuscript visual studio c++ 2010 다운로드.

Just such an example has just been uncovered, as can be seen in this report from the Smithsonian magazine:

In essence, researchers have been examining old manuscripts housed at St Catherine’s monastery in Egypt which were palimpsests – pages from which older writing had been erased and newer writing added in order to reuse the scarce parchment 리틀 프린세스 소피아 신비한 섬 다운로드. They then used various techniques to view the older text which had been partially erased and hidden.

As the article says: “perhaps the most intriguing finds are the manuscripts written in obscure languages that fell out of use many centuries ago chrome 32bit. Two of the erased texts, for instance, were inked in Caucasian Albanian, a language spoken by Christians in what is now Azerbaijan. According to Sarah Laskow of Atlas Obscura, Caucasian Albanian only exists today in a few stone inscriptions Now hello download. …….

Other hidden texts were written in a defunct dialect known as Christian Palestinian Aramaic, a mix of Syriac and Greek, which was discontinued in the 13th century only to be rediscovered by scholars in the 18th century 포토샵 쉐이프 다운로드. “This was an entire community of people who had a literature, art, and spirituality,” Phelps tells Gray. “Almost all of that has been lost, yet their cultural DNA exists in our culture today Parasit opening download. These palimpsest texts are giving them a voice again and letting us learn about how they contributed to who we are today.”

This precisely fits one of my suggestions about the Voymich – that the text was writen in a particular script which then fell into disuse and was lost to us, except in this one document 오버클럭 링스 다운로드.

Of course this example in Egypt doesn’t prove anything at all, except that such things can happen!



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