Eye-tracking and reading

gaze-plot2Another area of my research into reading concerns the use of eye-tracking technology as a means of researching reading behaviour. These images show some of the graphic results you can get using this technology, which allows us to understand reading behaviour better.


Heat map2A recently published article on this area in the journal Language Testing recently won the Distinguished Researcher Award from the international TESOL association, awarded at the 2014 convention in Portland Oregon.




  1. emrah dolgunsoz

    Hi professor Stephen,
    I already read your award winning article on eye tracking and testing issues. It surely gave me great inspiration for my phd thesis in which i focus on sla and eye movements. Thank you for your contribution to the field. Hope to read new related research from you.

    Emrah Dolgunsoz
    Researcher /Hacettepe University
    Dept. of Elt

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