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Voynich stars 67r

This page discusses Voynich f67r. This is the illustration on that page:

On another page of this website Kelly has suggested the following:
67r of the manuscript is an astrological chart, with mixtures of asiatic (yin/yang), eastern ( Pisces, Capricorn, etc.), and Judaism. I will provide more details on this shortly and take my best guess at what …

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Voynich: the punctuation problem

One issue which has long interested me concerning the Voynich manuscript (VM), and which has not perhaps been researched as much as it should, is what we can call the punctuation problem.
Obviously the script is noteworthy for having no obvious punctuation, which is rare in itself. However, as a linguist what then interests me is how …

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Voynich cosmology f85r2

This page discusses Voynich f85r2, setting out some interesting ideas proposed by Marco Ponzi on this website. To start with, here is the Voynich illustration, with a  detail:

Marco comments as follows: “I think that page represents the four seasons and shares the same orientation that we are considering for 69r: Spring at the top, with Summer, Autumn and …

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Voynich plant 33r

Can you help us to identify this interesting plant, with two heads in the roots, and also decode the name? See below a picture from a 15th century Italian manuscript which also has two heads in the roots. The manuscript is described here.
A number of people have added suggestions on these pages. See below for discussion.
Step 1: Look at …

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Voynich talk April 2014

I have recently posted a video of my informal talk in April 2014 on the script and language of the Voynich manuscript. Comments welcome.

Voynich stars f68r

This post discusses Voynich page 68r, in the light of fascinating ideas provided by Marco Ponzi elsewhere on this website (with thanks). Please feel free to add your comments and observations about f68r below.
This is what Marco suggested, with his illustration:
“As you pointed out in your paper, the Label of the Pleiades in Voynich f68r3 …

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Voynich plant 7r

Can you help us to identify this plant and also decode the name?
Step 1: Look at the Voynich plant picture above. Look also at the possible name of that plant from the same page.
Step 2:  Look at some other expert suggestions, below, for what this plant might be. Some are borrowed from here.
Step 3: If you have any good …

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