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f68r – an eclipse in 1409?

In this post I would like to highlight some intriguing research carried out and sent to me by Andrés Eloy Martínez Rojas, president of la Sociedad Astronómica Urania (SAU) in Morelos, Mexico, relating to folio f68r.  This illustration shows what he is suggesting as an interpretation:

You can find a report in Spanish here from a Mexican newspaper and also …

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Alain Touwaide on the Voynich – a review by René Zandbergen

I am grateful to René Zandbergen, whose authoritative site on the Voynich manuscript can be found here, for contributing the following review:

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the acquisition by the Society of Jesus of Villa Mondragone, the Second University of Rome ‘Tor Vergata’ has published a new book about the Villa.
The book, …

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Voynich star names analysed (2)

In a previous post I proposed a set of 64 star labels in the Voynich manuscript which seem most probably to represent the names of actual stars (or planets or asterisms). These are essentially only those on three pages of the manuscript, known as f68r1, r2 and r3. I excluded  from consideration many more star …

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14th century Occitan Provencal manuscript

I’m sure I’m not the first Voynich fanatic to notice it, but I’ve come across a fascinating manuscript in the British Library which I thought I’d share. It is written in Occitan, a language of southern France, from the 14th century, and has a number of images which remind me of parts of the Voynich, including the illustration on …

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f68r3 Pleiades page star names

f68r2 Star names

I’ll add discussion and my proposed list soon.

f68r1 Star names

Here is folio 68r1 of the Voynich manuscript with my numeration, to help the analysis and discussion of possible star names. Comments welcome.

Here is a list of the 29 star names represented on  F68r1.


Voynich star names: an analysis (1)

The Voynich manuscript (VM) contains dozens of pictures of stars alongside what appear to be labels and names.
In our attempt to decipher the manuscript’s content it would therefore seem an obvious strategy to look systematically at these labels for clues to help us in decipherment. We could draw on the extensive research and scholarship into the star names we …

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Voynich stars 67r

This page discusses Voynich f67r. This is the illustration on that page:

On another page of this website Kelly has suggested the following:
67r of the manuscript is an astrological chart, with mixtures of asiatic (yin/yang), eastern ( Pisces, Capricorn, etc.), and Judaism. I will provide more details on this shortly and take my best guess at what …

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Voynich cosmology f85r2

This page discusses Voynich f85r2, setting out some interesting ideas proposed by Marco Ponzi on this website. To start with, here is the Voynich illustration, with a  detail:

Marco comments as follows: “I think that page represents the four seasons and shares the same orientation that we are considering for 69r: Spring at the top, with Summer, Autumn and …

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