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Sad News- Stephen Bax

As many in the Voynich Community know, Stephen Bax passed away suddenly and too soon, on the 22nd November 2017.
Our father Stephen was a man with many passions and interests, but the Voynich Manuscript was one of his central focuses in recent years.
We will be keeping this website ( open in his honour so that those interested can continue to theorise, debate and even decipher the Voynich manuscript. Having a space for all Voynich related discussion was, after all, a main reason he created this website. His work on the Voynich will now be continued by all of you.
René Zandbergen , a close Voynich collaborator of my Father’s will …

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f68r3 – an Indian parallel? By Marco Ponzi

This post has been kindly provided by Marco Ponzi
A possible Indian parallel for f68r3
The first three volumes of the monumental History of Cartography published by the University of Chicago Press can be freely downloaded in PDF format.
Volume 2, Book 1, Chapters 16 (1992) was written by Joseph E. Schwartzberg and is devoted to “Cosmographical Mapping” in South Asia. The artifacts described include a pair of large cosmographic paintings that are displayed in the Meenakshi Hindu temple in Madurai (Tamil Nadu, India): fifty years old copies of ancient, possibly XVI Century, originals. The first painting is a circular world map (Bhugolam). The second, which is discussed in this page, illustrates the …

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