Voynich stars 67r

This page discusses Voynich f67r Gothic. This is the illustration on that page:



On another page of this website Kelly has suggested the following:

67r of the manuscript is an astrological chart, with mixtures of asiatic (yin/yang), eastern ( Pisces, Capricorn, etc.), and Judaism smi with Aquaman subtitles. I will provide more details on this shortly and take my best guess at what I think each part means…

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Starting from the center, working clockwise (if manuscript pages are turned right to left):The eight points of the compass: N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW and their corresponding names One's ost.

Second ring: the twelve signs of the Chinese zodiac, yin signs are represented by the red half moon, yang signs are represented by the yellow half moon

Between Second and Third ring: the names of seven planets, I believe the top-most should be Mars (the writing looks like the word “atlas” to me) mixed reality 포털 다운로드. The planet name should correspond to the compass direction it is most prominently visible from)

Third ring: the astrological houses of the Western zodiac (Aquarius, Pisces, etc)

Fourth/outermost ring: not sure of this yet, could be names for Greek/Roman/Persian gods or goddesses that should correspond the astrological houses they are directly above movie kite. I will consider this further.


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