f71r – a multispectral scan

I have recently been contacted by the Director of the Lazarus project (http://www.lazarusprojectimaging.com) who were allowed by the Beinecke last year to make multispectral scans of a few folios of the Voynich manuscript Download Crow's Zero 2. He contacted me in case we could use them to detect any extra linguistics features not seen before.

I now have eight of these scans, in Jpeg format, and the biggest is around 10Mb [sorry, not Gb as posted before – thanks Rene] 웨딩피치 다운로드. They do give a lot of detail. I have four of f71r, 1 of f93r and 3 of f116v.  and am trying to process them to post on this site. However, they are so huge that I am having problems uploading them Grunz.

I am still working on making these as useful as I can for public view. However, to give you an idea of one of them I have managed to reduce the one below in size so that it can be uploaded to this blog (which has a file size limit of 2Gb) Tears of Antarctica.

Given comments by Nick and Rene on another post, I am not sure they will be of great value or use, but who knows Children's Hunminjung 2 download? Of course the originals are far bigger and do reveal a lot more detailed information.

This is f71r – see the ‘normal’ version here Episode 4 of the Day You Accidentally Discovered.

(With thanks to the Lazarus project (http://www.lazarusprojectimaging.com) for permission to show them, and of course to the Beineke Library.)



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