Herbal Research Seminar

I just thought I would advertise this event, as it is obvious interest to the Voynich. It is in London on 14th October (with apologies to those far away!)

Seminar on Trade, Discovery and Influences in the History of Herbal Medicine

Website: http://events.history.ac.uk/event/show/14243

Note that the deadline for registration is very soon – 14th September at 9am Jsp bulletin board download!

Details of the day:

Trade, Discovery and Influences in the History of Herbal Medicine
The aim of this day is to bring together researchers to explore issues related to trade and commerce of medicinal plants in the history of herbal medicine Thanksgiving video. Trade in medicinal plants has always been part of human culture. Historiography has tended to divide medicinal cultures into discrete traditions, but may obscure the extent to which they interacted through trade in medicinal products, learning medical skills in the process Feed & Gropfish Mobile? What were issues of correct identification, of the quality and preservation of material, of over-harvesting or habitat degradation? A primary driver of early modern Western exploration to distant cultures was to gain direct access to precious herbal commodities Inuyasha building smasher. What impact did these exotic medicines have on herbal medicine practice?


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