Voynich plant 5r

Can you help us to identify this plant and also decode the name?

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Possible name (first word): K X A T N

Step 1: Look at the Voynich plant picture above 킹덤 오브 헤븐 감독판 다운로드. Look also at the possible name of that plant from the same page.

Step 2:  Look at some other expert suggestions, below, for what this plant might be 윈도우 7 가젯 다운로드. Some are borrowed from here.

E VoynichPetersonSherwoodVelinskaBiologist - Finland
Paris?Paris, Indian cucumber?Wolf’s bane (Arnica montana)Herb Paris - id by Ethel VoynichParis quadrifolia

Step 3: If you have any good suggestions for the plant, please post a comment below 구글 플레이 책 다운로드. Give the Latin genus and species name if you can.

Step 4: Can you suggest a name in any language which might resemble the Voynich word kt m3u 파일 다운로드? If so, post a comment below.

In particular can you suggest a name from any language which might fit the Voynich text 세븐나이츠 누적 다운로드?



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