Voynich plant 5v

Can you help us to identify this plant and also decode the name?

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Possible name (first word): K A ? O A R

Step 1: Look at the Voynich plant picture above The order is a rabbit and theatrical version. Look also at the possible name of that plant from the same page.

Step 2:  Look at some other expert suggestions, below, for what this plant might be 이니셜d 게임 다운로드. Some are borrowed from here.

E VoynichPetersonSherwoodVelinskaBiologist - Finland
GeraniumParietaria (O'Neill)Mallow (Malva sylvestris)Mallow (Malva sylvestris) - id by Edith SherwoodPotentilla argentea, Geranium, Malva or Althaea officinalis

Step 3: If you have any good suggestions for the plant, please post a comment below Kingsman 2. Give the Latin genus and species name if you can.

Step 4: Can you suggest a name in any language which might resemble the Voynich word Tomorrow again, the will come up? If so, post a comment below.

In particular can you suggest a name from any language which might fit the Voynich text Three Kingdoms 13 pk Hangul download?

NOTE: In my view this could be the plant Malva or Althaea officinalis, in line with what the Finnish biologist and also Sherwood determined (see above)

This plant, called in English Marsh Mallow, and the original source for the marshmallow flavouring,  is known in India as Gul-Khair (see Indian Medicinal Plants: An Illustrated Dictionary By C.P Download debugview. Khare) and Gul simply means red.  In my view ‘Khair’ probably derives from the Persian – see Steingass’ dictionary:

خیرو ḵẖīrū, Ox-eye; mallow-flower Always download.

(By comparison. the normal Arabic term for this plant is roughly ‘Khitmi’, and Hebrew is ‘Halmi’.)

This would seem to fit well with the Voynich script as I analyse it – the word would then be read: K A New West Organic4 1? O A R, the unidentified symbol possibly being a vowel of some sort.

I aim to research this more fully, but any other suggestions or comments in the meantime 436 of Infinite Challenge?



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