Italian herbal manuscript – Vermont

I’ve started a new section on the website to list interesting mediaeval manuscripts Download the 2019 Calendar Excel.

This fascinating manuscript at the University of Vermont was brought to my attention by David Wiffler on this website, who said:

“There is a plant here: that has two human heads attached to the root system Gravity download. There is a similar thing in an old Italian herbal here: (you will have to go to the page and, using the box in the top right hand corner, jump to page 70).”

This Italian herbal is the closest match I’ve seen for the Voynich m 롱 리브 더 킹 다운로드. If you put the two manuscripts side by side the similarity of the colours is quite remarkable, and the root systems look sometimes as if they are from the same artist Ezrak. Though of course they are different in many ways as well.”

Regarding the plant on page 70, Marco Ponzi later commented:

“unluckily the writing of this Italian manuscript is so bad that I find it almost unreadable Spotify app. But I think the first plant (pg. 70) is “Allium Sativum” (garlic). The first word could be “Alio”:
In Italian, the bulb is commonly called “testa d’aglio” (garlic’s head) ahnlab v3 internet security 9.0.

The bottom half of the page has been transcribed in a more readable hand: it presents a recipe for the cure of headaches similar in style to Albus’ translation of the last page of the Voynich manuscript.”

Any further comments on any pages wordsmith?



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