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This is a wiki page to test how it works. Any comments welcome - click on the Discussion tab.   Do you think we should include a wiki on the site?

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  1. Jackie Speel

    There are active VM wikis on the Wikia platform – which may be appropriate in this context.

  2. Carl

    I think the R/RA sound as in oRoR is pronounced R at the end of a word when it has the end-of-word mark in it, and RA when it doesn’t. Would fit perfect to Kaur Chira.

  3. Neticis

    I propose to put some particular VM topic here and test, what happens, if any user can edit it (maybe with some spam filtering technique — JavaScript, Captcha, etc.).
    I don’t think any (especially, anonymous) user should be able to create new wiki page, you can set topics with new wiki pages yourself.